2007 The Museum of Unknown Civilizations, Gallery Vertigo, Vernon, Canada
2003 A Colourful Meeting, Art Gallery of the South Okanagan, Penticton, Canada
1998 Inspiration Boxes, Kunstgalerie Stauffacher, Bern
1994 Steles of Imagination and Soul Catchers, Kunstgalerie Krebs, Bern

2011 Colourful Sculptures for a Sara Buechner Piano Concert,
Frank Venables Auditorium, Oliver BC, Canada
2010 A Story Catcher, Community Centre, Oliver BC
2009 An Archaeological Site (an offering to Bacchus?) and An Installation, 
Which Helps You to Draw or Paint Falling Autumn Leaves, Community Centre, Oliver BC
2008 Lookout, Community Centre, Oliver BC; Colour Spots for a Night
with Gershwin, Frank Venables Auditorium, Oliver BC
2007 A Reflecting Reflection, Community Centre, Oliver BC; Imagine the Sound of the Big Bang, Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory, Penticton, CA
2006 Be the Sun, Create Shadows, Community Centre, Oliver BC; Art is Transformation, Quail’s Nest Arts Centre, Oliver BC

Group Expositions
2011 The RipOff Artists: The Grant Wood Challenge, Quail’s Nest Arts Centre, Oliver BC; ReVision 4, Vancouver BC; The RipOff Retrospective 2007 – 2010, Leir House Cultural Centre, Penticton BC
2010 Legacies 2010, Penticton Art Gallery, Penticton BC; The RipOff Artists:
The Lawren Harris Challenge, Quail’s Nest Arts Centre/Community Centre/Handworks Gallery, Oliver BC; ReVision 3, Vancouver BC
2009 The RipOff Artists: The Georgia O’Keeffe Challenge, Quail’s Nest Arts Centre/
Community Centre/Handworks Gallery, Oliver BC
2008 Schmuckbilder und Zeichen-Nischen, Galerie Zeitraum, Bern; ReVision 2, Vancouver BC; What the Eye Can Touch, Handworks Gallery, Oliver BC The RipOff Artists: Klimtomania, Quail’s Nest Arts Centre and Handworks Gallery, Oliver BC; Men of the West, Quail’s Nest Arts Centre, Oliver BC
2007 ReVision – The Art of Recycling, Vancouver BC; The Van Gogh Challenge, Community Centre, Oliver BC; and Leir House Cultural Centre, Penticton BC; Inspired by Art Deco, Oliver & District Museum, Oliver BC
1997 BC Festival of the Arts, Powell River BC
1984 Etchings, Kunstkabinett, Bern

Publications, Stage and Radio Plays
See here.

Awards and prizes
1991 Guest of the Finnish Porthan-Institute
1990 Scholarship Werkjahr of the Town and Canton Bern and of Pro Helvetia
1988 Scholarship of the Association of Switzerland Friends in Finland
1987 Recognition award of Bern Society for Popular Theatre
1985-86 Resident Author of the Music and Theatre Conservatory, Bern
1982 Award Welti-Preis for Drama – Swiss Schiller Foundation
1980 Scholarship Werkjahr of the Town and Canton Bern
1978 Book Prize of the Town of Bern
1976 Award Jugendtheaterpreis (Theatre for Young People) SADS
1975 Scholarship Werkhalbjahr of the Town and Canton Bern
1972 Literature Award of the Town of Bern
1971 Poetry Award of the Town of Bern
1969 Annabelle Prize (“Illustrated Children’s Books” contest)

Professional Registers
Canadian Artists Representation CARFAC
Canadian Conference of the Arts CCA
Oliver Community Arts Council
International Network of Cultural Diversity INCD
Autorinnen und Autoren der Schweiz AdS
PEN Schweiz
ProLitteris Schweiz
BSV, Berner Schriftsteller Verein

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